Judy Blue Denim Joggers


JOG IT OUT in these new Judy Blue denim joggers featuring an ELASTIC WAIST BAND! 😉Yes girl,you read that right! Judy Blue Joggers have been one of our best selling styles of denim as of lately and we cannot keep them in stock, so don't hesitate on these! These real denim joggers are trendy with the Judy Blue stretch and comfort that you know and love! A double win! You can dress joggers down with a basic tee and sneakers or sandals or dress them up with wedges and a blouse! 


These feature an insanely stretchy waist band and a functional draw string! Not only is the elastic waistband stretchy, the denim itself is very stretchy! They feature 2.9% Lycra, making them extremely stretchy and comfortable! They are also made to last! 


Be on trend and comfortable in these new joggers and jog it out before they are gone! 


SIZE GUIDE: Most ladies tend to go down one size from their usual department store size. That way, the waist fits super snugly (but still comfortable!) and the legs have just the right amount of room. With these joggers, you may want to size down one more size as they are very roomy!

Size 1- Select a size 0

Size 2- Select a size 1

Size 4- Select a size 3

Size 6- Select a size 5

Size 8- Select a size 7

Size 10- Select a size 9

Size 12- Select a size 11

Size 14- Select a size 13

Size 16 (standard)- Select a size 15


Size 14W- Select a size 15

Size 16W- Select a size 14W

Size 18W- Select a size 16W

Size 20W- Select a size 18W

Size 22W- Select a size 20W

Size 24W- Select a size 22W

Size 26W- Select a size 24W

SIZES 14W-24W- Don't worry about sizing down, feel free to select your true size for a more relaxed vibe.