March 29, 2016 1 min read


I am so proud to be a part of B&B. For those who may not yet know, my name is Josh, and I oversee marketing and technology. I've been with B&B for a few months and have been working diligently to find my own vibe within the boutique. The biggest change that I am a part of, is what I'm most excited to announce. And truthfully, none of it is about myself. Giving, plain and simple, is a huge part of the core values at B&B. 

We truly believe that we all are only as good as what we give. More specifically, we believe that everyone is called to give what is purposed in their hearts. At B&B we have purposed in our hearts to work at our very best to give to those in need. In the next few weeks we will be making announcements of a campaign that we are excited to be a part of. We will be running this campaign for a set amount of time. The end goal is to encourage our community and those around us to rally together to meet a great need. 

We will keep everyone updated via our social channels, email and blog.  We look forward to working with you all on this incredible opportunity.